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1st International Congress     13 Mar 2012

Intercontinental, Cairo - Egypt

A Faculty Of National and international speakers will share their experience through free papers, lectures and workshops, the success of this congress can only be achieved through your active participation So, please take the opportunity to express your views , provide us with your feedback and positively contribute to the scientific value of the congress.

Egyptian and international guest speakers presenting state of art lectures in their specialty are a great contribution to the value of the congress, Research of the young as well as senior colleagues is another essential addition.

Guest Speakers

Gernot Felmet ( Germany )
Rubin Allum ( UK)
Nader darwish ( UAE )
Mohamed Aly Reda ( Iraq )
Wael Abu Khalaf ( Jordan )
Aly Bajwa ( UK )
Wagih Moussa ( UK )
Joerg Jerosch ( Germany )
Mehmet Demirtas ( Turkey )


Mahmoud Tahoon
Abdel Aziz Sengergy
Naser Selim
Abdel Fattah Seoud
Hossam Nagy
Adel Hamed
Ayman Ebeid
Ashraf Abdel Kafy
Fawzi Hamido
Roshdy Elsallab
Faysal Sherif
Ezzat Kamel
Mohamed Sobhy
Akram Al Dawoudy
Amr Ahmed
Mohamed Mones
Mohamed Azmy
Hatem Galal
Mysara Bayoumy
Ashraf El-Nahaal
Mohamed Yehia
Amro Darwish
Adham Elgeidi
Mohamed Abdel Hamid
Ahmed Waly
Mohamed G Morsy
Mohamed Gomaa
Wael Abdel Karim
Mohie Fadl
Osama El shazly
Nasef Mohamed
Ahmed Saied
Maged Samy
M Taha El Shewy
Ahmed Hany
Mohamed El Attar
Haytham Haroon
Saed Karim
Khaled Shoheib
M El Shewy
Mohamed G Morsy
Ezzat Kamel
A Abdel samei
Basem Fleega
Khaled Shoheib
Taimor El-Hossainy
Jamal Assobhi
Mahmoud Alsebaiey
Alhusseiny Moustafa
Mohamed Abo-El nour
Yaser Abdo
Arafat Disi
Abdel Rahman El Ganainy
Maher El Assal
Hisham El Kardy
Roshdy El Sallab
Hossam El Shafie
Tarek Khalil
Ahmed Waly
Mohamed Sobhy
Yehia Basiony
Ahmed Kandeel
Mohamed Kotb
Ahmed Rizk Elgammal
Hany Morsy