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History of EGAA

This group includes:

Dr. Mohamed Salah El-Deen Shawky Dr. Moahamed Taha El-Shewy Dr. Moheb El-Deen Ahmed Fadel
Dr. Saed Karim Abd El-Hamed Dr. Gamal Hosny Abd El-Maksod Dr. Hesham Abd El-Baky Mohamed
Dr. Nasef Mohamed Nasef Dr. Mohamed Hasan Sobhy Dr. Hany El-Kelsh
Dr. Tarek Mohamed Khalel Hasan Dr. Mohamed Yehia Dr. Adel Anwar
Dr. Ezzat Mohamed Kamel Dr. Adel Hassan Adawy Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Samee El-Hawary
Dr. Ashraf Mohamed Al-Serdawy Dr. Mohamed Hosam El-Shafeiy Dr. Adham Abd El-Raouf El-Sharkawy
Dr. Tarek Ali Al-Khadrawy Dr. Mohamed Abd El-Salam Gomaa Dr. Ashraf Mohamed Abd El-Kafy
Dr. Ahmed Hasan Waly Dr. Roshdy Mustafa Kamal El-Sallab Dr. Mohamed Hosam El-Deen Nagy
Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Aziz Ahmed Dr. Ahmed Mohamed El-Saed Dr. Mohamed Amr Mustafa Zada
Dr. Akram Mohamed El-Dawody Dr. Maher Abd El-Salam El-Assal Dr. Ayman Mohamed Mahmoud Ebeid
Dr. Adel Hamed Awad Allah Dr. Mohamed Gamal El-Deen Morsy Dr. Hany Ragaey Anwar
Dr. Hamed Mohammed El-Gohary Dr. El-Husiny Mustafa El-Husiny Dr. Mohamed Najah Ahmed

Different thoughts and ideas have been presented and summarized in the Following:

• There is increasing number of Egyptian orthopaedic surgeons who have been specialized in arthroscopic surgery

• There is a need for regular educational programs and scientific activities to enable surgeons to have continuous development and creation of well-trained new generation.

They have all agreed to establish an Egyptian Arthroscopy Association. The founding members for this association were 14 surgeons who continued their meetings.

Founding Members
Prof. Adel Anwar.
Prof. Adel El Adawy.
Prof. Adel Hamed.
Prof. Ahmed Abdel Aziz.
Prof. Ahmed Al-Harawy.
Prof. Ayman Ebied.
Prof. Ezzat Kamel.
Prof. Hamed El Gohary.
Prof. Hany El Kelsh.
Prof. Hossam El Shafeiy.
Prof. Hossam Nagy.
Prof. Maher El Assal.
Prof. Mohamed Zada
Prof. Roushdy El Salab.

A set of goals have been defined:

  1. It is essential to establish an umbrella and governing body to represent the Egyptian arthroscopic surgeons both nationally and internationally.
  2. Training is the key for developing safe and skilled surgeons. Therefore, one of our primary goals is to ensure a high standard of education and training to all orthopaedic surgeons especially those interested in the field of arthroscopy.
  3. We are committed to ensure safety to patients. Therefore, we provide guidance about the best practice based on evidence to all surgeons who contact us through online and direct contact with the association’s office.
  4. Advancement in the field of arthroscopy has global interest. Our vision is to expand our activity to cover the Arab World and the whole of the Middle East. This will hopefully create bridges of communication between surgeons in this region and the rest of the world.