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Become A Member

To be a member:

Active members should fulfill the following criteria:

  • A postgraduate degree in orthopaedic surgery.
  • Specialized training or interested in the field of arthroscopic surgery .
  • Recommendation by two active members.
  • Paying the annual subscription fees. Rights of active members: They have the right to vote in the general assembly of the EGAA and to be elected as a board member.

Affiliated members:

  • Primary qualification in medicine or one of the allied health fields (physiotherapy and science).
  • Paying the annual subscription fees.
  • Recommendation by two active members.

Rights of affiliated members:

Affiliated members have the right to benefit from all scientific activities of the EGAA but they do not have the right to vote or apply for the board membership.

خطوات الاشتراك بعضوية الجمعية:

• قم بمليء استمارة طلب اشتراك بعضوية الجمعية (اضغط تنزيل الاستمارة بالأسفل)
• ادفع قيمة الاشتراك ١٥٠ جنية في الجمعية (التجديد السنوي ٦٠ جنيه) في حساب جمعية جراحة مناظير المفاصل واصابات الرياضة المصرية المشهرة برقم ٧٩٨٣ (حساب رقم 00355010040519 بنك القاهرة فرع العباسية - سوفت كود رقمه BCAIEGCXXXX –IBAN EG220004124000000355010040519)
• قم بأرسال استمارة طلب الاشتراك ومرفق معه صورة إيصال الدفع على الواتس اب رقم 01221060333
• سوف تقوم الجمعية بالتواصل معك لمتابعة خطوات التسجيل بالجمعية.

تحميل استمارة التقدم

Steps for the association membership registration:

• Fill out the subscription application form (Click download the form below)
• Pay the subscription fee of 150 EGP in the association (annual renewal of 60 EGP) in the account of the Egyptian Society of Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries, which noted with a number 7983 (account number 00355010040519, Banque du Caire, Abbasia branch - Swift code number BCAIEGCXXXX –IBAN EG220004124000000355010040519)
• Send the subscription application form and attach a copy of the payment receipt to WhatsApp number 01221060333
• The association will contact you to follow up the steps for registering.

Download application form